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This morning was very overwhelming as I held my friend’s hand and watched our Church play the video of a very personal and vulnerable interview I did on divorce, finding City Church and my coming to faith.

I typically keep my spiritual and religious journey very private, only letting a handful in. But as I’ve started growing in my faith this past year, the need to combine these identities and voice my truth has followed.

Since February, I have become someone that ‘goes’ to Church, a new concept in my life. As the world shut down around us, I tuned in weekly to our Sunday Service from the comfort and safety of my couch as I cried and let Spirit fill in the spaces.

In those early days, I bought my first Bible and learned there weren’t parts missing from it, I just had to learn to read it. I learned how much wine to pour and bread to eat during communions at home (not a full glass at 10 am apparently, but hey, we’re in a pandemic).

In the months to come, I connected with my new Plaza Midwood neighborhood by buying and making meals for families while we were locked away and was connected with people directly related with the Church over socially distanced coffee meetups and more glasses of wine.

More recently, I started a Bible Study with close friends that are so patient as I ask basic questions that could pretty much be summed up if I would just read Genesis and together we work through inner challenges and find hope from reading Jesus’ word.

Over the Holidays, I decorated and volunteered and even SANG in the Christmas Eve service, learning there is more than one verse in Silent Night.

As for 2021, I will join the Fellowship Events Team to combine my passion for God and Events to create more meaningful gatherings as a Church and community.

I am still learning, but like anything this year has taught me, I am keeping an open heart and am surrendering to the journey. Day by day I am breaking down my preconceived notions about what it means to be Christian and blazing my own trail, wanting to share my story along the way in order to connect to those that may be on a similar path.

Thank you, City Church, for cultivating a real, relational, religion-free space for those like me looking for a safe place to grow in our faith.

Thank you Matt for editing my scattered, tear filled interview to create this beautiful video. What a true gift.

Thank you Al for your unrelenting support and for today’s beautiful message on how Jesus offers us beauty in exchange for our ashes.

Thank you to my beautiful, kind friends that have witnessed and loved me through the burning down and rising up.

I wish you so much beauty in 2021

You can check out today’s service (including the testimony by yours truly) in the link below

OR by searching City Church Charlotte on Facebook