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The intimate patterns of pillowy peaks invite you to dance across the horizon.

Knowing, trusting, they will bear your weight because they’ve done this before.

Each cluster holding the thoughts and feelings of the earthly beings below.

Gathered from the empty pockets in-between each ounce of fluff.

Whispering the Earth’s unraveling secrets.





You beg to fall into them.

To be held and comforted by their collected wisdom.

The light above the clouds is a gift.

Knowing your time spent in it is bringing you closer and closer to home.

Because in this light, it is independent from what shines below.

A unique space where time slows and spirit can move differently.

Wild and free.

And as you dance across to the areas where the light does not shine,

you do not fear.

You are strong and you are safe.

You understand now why the clouds need to cry, too.

To release.

To rebuild.

To start again.

Each and every day.