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1 Year

I am journaling and practicing daily gratitude. Emotion Code healing and Tarot Card reading. Spending quality time with the Lord and writing love letters. Watching for signs of the moon and how the planets align. Trusting my intuition when things feel off course and being brave enough to make the changes that feel right and true. Allowing for a time of rest and stillness.

I am finding new ways to be kinder and generous to myself and others. Building a force of a support group around me with stronger, more meaningful connections. Discovering play and embracing a childlike energy that brings pure joy and laughter and where time is no longer an object. Finding new ways to move my body in this world and not being afraid to take up space.

I am no longer chasing materialistic desires but finding bliss in the ordinary moments of drinking coffee on the patio, reading a book, the sun kissing my eyelashes and Wylie basking in it at my feet. Savoring the tiny sacred rituals that make me feel I am transcending the mundane. Living for these moments that crack my eyes and heart wide open.

I am no longer afraid to unravel and make anew with each rise of the sun because I know I will be right there on my patio to greet it. Soaking in all the hope and possibilities of a new day. Knowing I am putting in the work but allowing Grace to settle herself into all the extra spaces that once were. Having the unwaveringly faith that I am not alone, that Spirit is with me, always.

It’s in these moments I feel truly seen and understood.

So yeah.

I am doing okay.