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She wears a smile everyday

so no one will think

she cried herself to sleep

or had too much to drink.

She'll tell you what you want to hear,

that she's doing okay.

So no one will know

what her life is like every day.

She doesn't know what to say

or even who she'd tell.

So no one would imagine

she is going through hell.

She's unsure of how to handle this.

the thoughts running in her head.

So she puts the bottle down

and turns to me instead.

She's afraid to lose me if I knew,

her one and only friend.

But I could never leave,

I just want this all to end.

I miss the girl she used to be,

who never faked a smile.

I will still always love her,

hoping things will change after awhile.

I would do anything to help her

because I know what she's been through.

All I want her to know is,

"I will never think less of you."