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For awhile, I felt something was off.

Like I was dancing to a beat of a song that wasn’t playing.

The movements felt right

but unnatural, untimely.

We didn’t dance.

We were two feet off the floor

not trusting ourselves

or each other

before the music even started.

Somewhere, I lost my rhythm.

Always a beat behind the song that was playing.

Once you know a certain way,

you can’t un-know it.

We let each other down

and a dance floor of all our loved ones.

To dance again would be to let go of all inhibitions.

To be seen, really seen.

Possibly even loved

but love implies trust.

And to dance again with someone else?


I see myself as if for the first time.

I know myself.

I love myself.

I trust myself.

I can dance to a new beat.

But I will no longer wait for someone to play the music for me.