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There is this darkness snatching me in my dreams, creeping in to catch a glimpse of the light of day.

Up close, it looks and tastes and breathes like fear, whispering in my ear, begging to be looked at for the sake of my life.

A darkness not to run from, but demanding my attention to turn towards.

A fear of not living.

Or rather, a fear of a stagnant life. One without color or excitement or love.

A fear in the lack of trust in myself to assume the risk to craft a life so beautiful and authentic, built upon piece by piece of my wildest imagination. With joy, hope, freedom, fear along for the ride. Thriving together, needing each other, to reach our common goal.

A life like this would be one of many risks.

Risk assumes trust.

To leap without first glimpsing for the safety net.

To trust in my guidance and knowing that I am worthy and capable of doing hard things.

Nothing is worth seeking that isn’t worth the risk of losing.